World’s First Double Hand Transplant a Success

Little Zion had both of his feet and both of his hands amputated at the age of two due to an infection. However, thanks to the incredible generosity of a donor’s parents, he now has a new pair of hands.

The operation was conducted by doctors from three different hospitals. They took the donor’s hands and attached them to Zion’s arms. To everyone’s relief and amazement, the world’s first double hand transplant was a success.

Zion had to go through physical therapy after the operation, learning to use his new hands. It only took him a month to be able to move his fingers. Eight months later he could pick up blocks. After a year of therapy he was able to swing a baseball bat (and hit the ball).

“Now, I can get a snack out of the refrigerator without anybody helping me,” Zion proudly told BBC News.

He still has to take immunosuppressive medications (drugs that suppress the body’s immune system) to keep his body from rejecting the hands, but Zion is a fighter. He’s even hung pictures of Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and Ray Lewis on his wall. Most importantly, though, is the picture of himself hanging in the middle of them.

Some people just need a helping hand. Thanks to a donor and the amazing work of doctors, Zion now has two.