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Two Dogs Have a New Lease on Life After Being Rescued from a 167-Degree Car

Danielle Ludwig
By Danielle Ludwig / July 11, 2017

Even though more attention is paid to people leaving dogs in hot cars more than ever, it still happens. But in Fulton County, Georgia, the joint efforts of local law enforcement and a concerned citizen resulted saved two dogs from what could have been a dire fate.

Outside of the Movie Grill in Fulton County, a citizen called 911 when they saw a pair of dogs trapped inside a Chevrolet Impala. The exterior weather conditions were bad enough—85 degrees with a 52% humidity.

Inside the car was much hotter. The officer who responded to the scene recorded a temperature of 167 degrees inside the vehicle.

All four windows were cracked, but that didn’t afford the pups any kind of breeze. The Impala was also parked in a sunny spot with no shade, which only added to the dangerous temperatures inside.

When the dogs were pulled from the car, they were completely frenzied. A fire hydrant was opened to cool them off immediately, but unfortunately one of the dogs fell into a seizure shortly after the rescue.

Inside the theater, the owner of the car was watching a movie with her family. The dogs have been temporarily placed at the Fulton County Animal Shelter until a permanent home can be found.

Currently, the dogs cannot be adopted because they are serving as evidence in the animal cruelty case against their previous owner. But once justice is served against her, they will undoubtedly find a loving home that won’t subject them to this kind of cruelty—or any other.

Both dogs are in good health now. Read more