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Sri Lankan Navy Rescues Drowning Elephants

Travis Ketzak
By Travis Ketzak / July 28, 2017

When two elephants were spotted off the coast of Sri Lanka, struggling to keep their trunks above the water, the navy conducted a brave rescue and saved their lives.

The two young elephants were most likely swept out to sea while crossing a nearby lagoon. A patrol craft spotted them, and called for help. After an operation involving navy divers, ropes, and a fleet of military boats, they were able to guide the elephants back to shore.

“Having safely guided the two elephants to the shore, they were subsequently released to the Foul Point jungle [in Trincomalee district],” the navy’s statement said. “They were extremely lucky to have been spotted.”

Even though this sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime rescue, there was a similar rescue just two weeks ago. A lone elephant was found struggling to stay afloat five miles off the Sri Lankan coast.

We know that our armed forces have our safety and best interests at heart, but it’s pretty cool to see those same values extended to the animal kingdom as well. Elephants never forget, so they will likely remember this act of kindness for the rest of their lives.