Scotland Sets Renewable Energy Record

Travis Ketzak
By Travis Ketzak / July 26, 2017

Scotland has been absolutely killing it with wind power lately. In the first six months of 2017, they’ve set a record for energy output.

After the World Wildlife Federation of Scotland Analysed WeatherEnergy’s data, they found that wind turbines in Scotland produced around 1,039,001MWh of electricity last month. That already sounds like a ton of power, but let us break it down and blow your mind even more.

That much electricity could, in theory, power 118% of the homes in Scotland. That’s roughly three million houses. For a little perspective for the American readers, that’s nearly all of New York City.

Basically what we’re saying is it’s a lot.

In the last six months, Scotland’s wind turbines produced enough electricity to power more than all of Scotland for six days straight, or about 57% for six months.

“The first six months of 2017 have certainly been incredible for renewables, with wind turbines alone helping to ensure millions of tonnes of climate-damaging carbon emissions were avoided,” Dr. Sam Gardner, acting director of WWF Scotland, told Independent.

Even more exciting is the fact that those number are up 24% from 2015, which means Scotland’s wind power capabilities are not only awesome, but are getting even better.