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Police Officer Dressed as Superheroes Visits Terminally Ill Children

We may not have superheroes that fly through the air and shoot lasers from their eyes, but we do have superheroes that fight crime and help people. They are called police officers. One police officer in particular, though, takes things a step further.

Officer Damon Cole, of the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department, is a real-life superhero. He dresses up like superheroes, such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and even the Incredible Hulk, and visits terminally ill children in the hospital. He says he wants to inspire people to keep fighting.

He gained his superpowers about 14 years ago. He sewed the Superman logo onto his bulletproof vest. When responding to calls involving children, he would have the kids pinky-promise to keep his secret, and unbutton his shirt. To the kids’ amazement, they would see the Superman logo and they would see that they didn’t need to be afraid of police officers.

Officer Cole’s goal is to show kids that police officers are their friends. He wants to build trust with them, and dressing up like their favorite superheroes seems to be doing the trick. He even arrested someone while off-duty and dressed like Batman, which he calls a highlight of his career.

Superheroes are all around us. You never know who might have a cape in their closet.