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Feast Your Eyes on the Most Detailed Scan Ever of the Human Brain

Travis Ketzak
By Travis Ketzak / July 19, 2017

We rely on our brains to do pretty much everything, yet we know very little about it. It’s ironic, actually. We don’t understand the organ that we use to understand things.

Cardiff University, in Wales, is working on changing that though.

Thanks to researchers at the college, engineers from Siemens, and BBC Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh, we now have the most detailed scan of the wiring of a human brain ever.

The 3D image, which was developed using the latest computer technology at the university’s Brain Research Imaging Centre, shows the densely-packed system of fibers known as white matter. They act similarly to electrical cables. In fact, they actually carry electrical signals (billions of them!) to other parts of the brain.

They also created multiple color schemes for the brain model. This color coding illustrates things such as the direction that information travels along the fibers, as well as the varying densities of said fibers.

This is a huge step in the right direction. Scientists are already using this new model to understand how the brain works. They also hope that this new knowledge will provide insights into diseases like dementia, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

Here’s to science.