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Dog Rescued from 110-Foot-Deep Canyon

Travis Ketzak
By Travis Ketzak / July 11, 2017

The Angeles National Forest in California was the site of a daring canyon rescue last weekend.

Marley, a 7-year-old terrier, was hiking the Altadena Crest Trail along Eaton Canyon with her owner and two other dogs. It was a relaxing day in the great outdoors, but things soon took a turn for the worst. She fell off of the trail and disappeared into the canyon below.

The Altadena Fire Department searched the canyon, with no luck. Rescue teams arrived shortly after, and sent teams to three different areas. Still, there was no sign of Marley. Just when it began to look like hope was lost, another hiker told the crew that he heard barking near the canyon.

They decided to re-search the area, and to everyone’s astonishment, they found Marley. She was standing on a ledge, down in the canyon, about 10 feet from the bottom.

After climbing down over the ledge into Eaton Canyon, they reached her. Marley was shaken up and scared, but completely uninjured. The rescue team lifted her up to safety, and she was reunited with her family.

We can always count on dogs to give us a helping paw, so it’s nice to see that they can count on us too.