DMCA Policy

Here at Good News Gum, we take copyright infringement very seriously.  Because of this, we’ve created this DMCA policy page which covers any suspected instance of copyright infringement on our website.

How to Submit a DMCA Take Down Request

In order for a “DMCA Take Down Notice” to be granted, please email us at Support (at) with the following information:

  1. Electronic or physical signature of the copyrighted work owner (or authorized person)
  2. A description of the copyrighted work, including the URL on our website where this infringing content is available or a copy of it
  3. Your contact details: Name, email address, telephone and physical address
  4. A statement in “good faith belief” that the work is not authorized by the copyright owner
  5. A statement by you, person who sends the takedown notice, that the information you send in the notice (above information) is accurate and that you are either the copyright owner or you are authorized to act on copyright owner’s behalf

You can read Copyright Law – 17 U.S.C 512(c)(3) for more information.