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Baby Hears Father’s Voice for First Time Thanks to Operation

By Travis Ketzak / August 3, 2017

A 14-month-old girl who suffered from severe hearing loss was able to hear her father’s voice clearly for the first time ever after getting an operation. Theia, who lives with her family in New Jersey, wasn’t totally deaf, but she couldn’t hear very much. Her mom was never able to know what she was and […]


Little Boy Discovers Dinosaur Labelling Error at Natural History Museum

By Travis Ketzak / July 31, 2017

The Natural History Museum recently thanked Charlie, a little boy from Essex, England, for noticing that one of their dinosaur exhibits was labelled incorrectly. The 10-year-old was exploring the Dino Snores exhibit with his mom, Jade, when he noticed something strange. He saw the egg of an Oviraptor, with a picture of its silhouette next […]


This 9-Year-Old Boy is Giving Every Cop in the U.S. a Donut

By Travis Ketzak / July 25, 2017

Tyler Carach, a 9-year-old boy from Florida is on a mission to thank every police officer in the country by giving them a donut, going by the name “Donut Boy.” He sees police officers as his best friends, and he told his mom one day that he wanted to thank each and every one of […]


Boy Accidentally Discovers Million-Year-Old Fossil

By Travis Ketzak / July 24, 2017

Jude Sparks, a 10-year-old boy, was hiking through New Mexico’s Organ Mountains with his family when he tripped over a rock. He soon realized, though, that it wasn’t a rock. It was an enormous fossil. “I was running farther up and I tripped on part of the tusk. My face landed next to the bottom […]


Doctors Have Reversed a Toddler’s Brain Damage

By Travis Ketzak / July 21, 2017

A year after 2-year-old Eden Carlson fell into the family pool and nearly drowned, doctors and scientists have been able to almost completely reverse the brain damage she suffered during the ordeal. She was in the water for about 15 minutes. After being taken to the local Fayetteville, Arkansas hospital, she suffered cardiac arrest, but […]


Boy with Autism Receives Tens of Thousands of Birthday Cards

By Travis Ketzak / July 17, 2017

Ben Jackson, who lives in Southsea, England, decided not to throw a party for his 11th birthday, since nobody showed up to his last birthday party. His mom, Lisa, couldn’t stand to see him disappointed though, so she decided to post online, asking people to send him birthday cards. She figured he would probably get […]


Almost 2 Million Children in Africa Have Been Saved by Donations

By Travis Ketzak / July 14, 2017

A recent study, which examined mortality rates in 32 different African countries, has turned up some pretty encouraging (and frankly, surprising) results. Donations from the US to fight Malaria have actually had a pretty positive impact on the populations of Africa. In fact, the researchers, who consisted of economists from the University of North Carolina […]


Teenager Builds a Snack-Selling Empire From the School Bathroom

By Travis Ketzak / July 13, 2017

At an age that most kids are earning a $10-a-week allowance by doing chores, this young entrepreneur, known as the “Wolf of Walthamstow” built a snack-selling empire in his London high school. Nathan John-Baptiste started his business at the age of 12. He bought £5 ($6.45) worth of candy and soda, and sold it to […]

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