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Sri Lankan Navy Rescues Drowning Elephants

By Travis Ketzak / July 28, 2017

When two elephants were spotted off the coast of Sri Lanka, struggling to keep their trunks above the water, the navy conducted a brave rescue and saved their lives. The two young elephants were most likely swept out to sea while crossing a nearby lagoon. A patrol craft spotted them, and called for help. After […]


Dog Rescues Baby Deer from Long Island Waters

By Travis Ketzak / July 20, 2017

Mark Freeley was walking his dog, Storm, in Port Jefferson, NY when suddenly the dog dove into the water to grab something. To Mark’s astonishment, it was a baby deer. Storm, a golden retriever, saw the fawn struggling and sprang into action. His instincts instantly took over. “Good boy, Storm. Bring him in,” Mark says […]


Dog Rescued from 110-Foot-Deep Canyon

By Travis Ketzak / July 11, 2017

The Angeles National Forest in California was the site of a daring canyon rescue last weekend. Marley, a 7-year-old terrier, was hiking the Altadena Crest Trail along Eaton Canyon with her owner and two other dogs. It was a relaxing day in the great outdoors, but things soon took a turn for the worst. She […]


Bald Eagles Return from Brink of Extinction

By Travis Ketzak / July 10, 2017

In the 1970s, bald eagles were endangered. They were about to go extinct, but thanks to some pretty impressive conservation efforts, they have recovered. In Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay, professional climbers search tree tops in search of eagles. When they find baby bald eagles, they bag them and lower them to the ground where […]


Marathon Runner Outruns Two Black Bears

By Travis Ketzak / July 10, 2017

Professional runner Moninda Marube was training in the woods recently, when he found himself in a race that his life depended on. Two large black bears charged at him, so he had to think on his feet, and fast. He knew that there was an abandoned house about 20 yards from him, so he did […]


Small Kentucky Town Elects a Pawsome New Pitbull Mayor

By Breanna Battaglia / June 29, 2017

The dog days are in full-swing for a small Kentucky town that has elected the most pawsome new mayor. Brynneth (Brynn) Pawltro made her debut as mayor of Rabbit Hash in January, beating out a cat, chicken and donkey for the coveted position. Brynn’s owner, Jordie Bamfort, started the rescue pitbull’s campaign as a joke, […]


Highway Patrol Rescued Cat off Bridge and Gave Him a Home

By Danielle Ludwig / June 27, 2017

On Saturday afternoon, California Highway Patrol received an unusual call from a concerned passerby who had seen an orange blur on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a blur so small, so hard to notice against the bright rust-color of the bridge itself that the first time patrol made their way through, they missed it. […]

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