What is Good News Gum?

It's simple. Our staff believes that humanity is full of amazing people, and other news outlets focus too much on the negatives in our society. Although what's happening in the world is important for all of us to know, we think that the positive things happening every day are equally as important to report on. And that's exactly what we're trying to bring to you. We want you to start your day with news that empowers you, makes you feel good, and makes you smile.

So chew on the news stories we bring to you, smile at the positive things people are doing, and repeat on a daily basis to start your day off right. 

Our Story

Our startup story is a testament to the opportunities friendship can bring.

Co-founders Ron Stefanski and Hollie Wendling met in Chicago, ironically, at a startup company. Ron was a marketing director and hired Hollie as his social media manager.  Though technically Ron was Hollie’s boss at that time, it always seemed that they were more like friends who enjoyed discussing big ideas. Most of the time, Hollie thought Ron’s ideas were crazy and extremely far-fetched.  

Eventually they both stopped working together and went on to do other things, but stayed in touch to keep talking about new ideas and life.

During one of these check-ins, they discussed all the negative things that were happening in the news, and both agreed that it was discouraging and frankly, depressing. Soon after that, Ron called Hollie and said, “Let’s do something about it!” And Good News Gum was born—a place dedicated to bring smiles and positive energy to all of you that are feeling drained by negative news coverage.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us; without you, friendship and big dreams, our website would cease to exist.

The Staff

Hollie Wendling | Managing Editor

Ron Stefanski | Editor

Travis Ketzak | Senior Writer

Mazen Oweimrin | Writer

Breanna Battaglia | Writer

Danielle Ludwig | Writer